Types of Clients

Dis­as­ter Con­sul­ting Ser­vi­ces part­ners with a var­ied arr­ay of client types. From Prop­er­ty Man­age­ment Com­pan­ies, to HOA’s and Comm­er­cial Prop­er­ty Ow­ners, Multi-Family Prop­er­ty Own­ers and Real Estate In­vest­ment Trusts: DCS prides it­self in creat­ing a ser­vice plan to­tal­ly cus­tom­ized for your in­di­vid­u­al needs. From con­cept to com­ple­tion, we have your best in­ter­ests in mind.

Home Owner’s Associa­tions

As an Association Board member, your fiduciary responsibility to mem­bers is real, but never more felt than after a large hail or wind storm. Have you ever ex­pe­rienced the heavy bur­den of sifting through the insurance policy trying to decipher on your own what’s covered and what isn’t? How about the stress of deciding whe­ther or not to accept the insurance company’s off­er? If settled, how do you know who warrants the repair work?

HOA Management Companies

Not only is your reputation at stake, but client re­ten­tion as well. As an HOA Man­agement Com­pany, do you lack the skills and ex­per­ience in house to handle large in­su­rance claims? Do you know how the associa­tion’s de­clar­ations and by-laws will affect the claim? How can you be sure that the repair work is being done in a way that not only preserves the value, but follows the in­sur­ance policy? Would it help to have ex­perts on your side?

Commercial Property Owners

How do you quickly, effic­iently, and pro­fit­ably re­turn your pro­per­ties back to business as usual? Is the retention of your tenants a concern? How would it feel if an in­sur­ance claim offer was acc­ep­ted and dis­cov­ered later that it wasn’t “fair?” More impor­tant­ly, how do you balance this over­whelm­ing process and still run your business?

Multifamily Property Owners

Have you ever gone to sell one of your prop­er­ties, only to find un­dis­cov­ered dam­age? Now what? Is it too late? As a Multi­family Prop­erty Owner, pro­tec­ting your invest­ment is para­mount to future success. Even if you had the time to handle this pro­cess your­self, do you have the proven track re­cord and expertise to be a trus­ted advisor that can help turn a natural disaster into a prof­it­able part of your bus­iness? Is this even poss­ible? Yes… With DCS.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

The #1 mistake made by commercial, multifamily, and association property owners is the assumption that the in­sur­ance com­pany will properly value their loss. While some in­sur­ance comp­anies do a good job, it’s a back­wards sys­tem to have the in­sur­ance comp­any be the judge and jury for their own claims! The reality is that large claims are handled much diff­er­ent­ly from smaller claims.

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