Multifamily Insurance Claim Tips

This is a guest post by Marc Bitner at C3 Adjusters. Weather damage is common, especially in areas prone to strong storms throughout the year. Having to file an insurance claim for roof damage can be a stressful time as you will have to document the damage, possibly... read more

Hurricane Recovery in Texas and Florida

When the hurricane winds leave and the flood water begins to recede, recovery begins. Below is a break down on how the recovery effort is going after Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Hurricane Harvey is All About Flood Damage Hurricane Harvey caused historic flood damage in... read more

What Hurricane Irma Teaches Us About Disaster Recovery

While hurricane Irma has become a faint memory to the rest of the United States, Floridians have not forgotten. Many businesses, resorts, and attractions are still struggling to bounce back after the catastrophe that caused wide-spread damage to the southern half of... read more

Defective Construction and Ensuing Loss Provisions

This is a guest post written by: Chip Merlin at Merlin Law Group Established in 1985, Merlin Law Group is a leading insurance... read more

Top 10 Insurance Claim Tips

This is a guest post written by: Nicole Vinson at Merlin Law Group. Established in 1985, Merlin Law Group is a leading insurance litigation law... read more

Costly Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to commercial property renovations, prices often vary depending on various factors. As the property owner, it is important to understand what can be reduced or eliminated through proper planning and management. To keep your costs down,  there are several... read more

What OSHA’S Silica Rule Means for Property Owners

Silica is an important industrial material found in the earth’s crust. Quartz, the most common silica is a component of sand, stone, rock, concrete, brick, and mortar. In its idle form, it is found to be harmless. However, silica dust can be dangerous to anyone who... read more

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