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Dis­as­ter Con­sul­ting Ser­vi­ces (DCS) off­ers a broad arr­ay of ser­vices in the comm­unity asso­cia­tion in­dus­try. We mon­itor prop­erties for wea­ther per­il, per­form inspec­tions after dis­asters, help dec­ision a claim strategy, stay on through sett­le­ment, assist with con­trac­tor sel­ec­tion and get res­tor­ation work warr­anties reg­ist­ered.

Our firm is deep­ly root­ed in the comm­unity ass­ociation space. In fact, pro­vid­ing large loss insur­ance con­sul­ting to the comm­on int­erest in­dus­try played a large role in how our com­pany start­ed and still re­mains at the heart of our DNA. Many of our in-house ex­perts have come from the comm­unity asso­cia­tion man­age­ment and comm­un­ity asso­cia­tion ban­k­ing firms. They are regu­larly asked to be guest speakers at in­dus­try events and regu­larly pub­lish scho­lar­ly ar­ticles on curr­ent topics in the in­dus­try.

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